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The new Trampled By Turtles record came out this past Tuesday. Its a doozy. For those that aren’t familiar with the band, Trampled by Turtles play a percussionless form of “Nu-Grass” which is a punk tinged version of bluegrass. For those who are familiar with the band, Stars and Satellites is another chapter in the band’s book that I hope doesn’t end soon. TbT isn’t the type of band that reinvents itself every couple of records but rather slowly evolves into a better version of itself with each new release. Here we find the band as polished as ever playing both heartstring tuggers as well as their signature breakneck bluegrass blasts. I saw them play a few years back and the boys can back up what’s on their records. They can play at death metal speeds and do so in complete sync with each other, aurally defining the word ‘cohesive.’ Stars has a bit more studio work than previous records with vocal overdubs and such. Recorded in Duluth at Soleil Pines, the sonics are well done – warm and intimate – but still a studio recording. I picked up the CD at the usual big box/big chain store for a reasonable $7.99. You have no reason to not check it out.




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